Find your CBD dose- Finding Your Perfect CBD Product and Dose

Find your CBD dose- Finding Your Perfect CBD Product and Dose

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Finding the perfect CBD product and CBD dose is a little bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes - no two preferences are going to be the same. Ultimately, CBD products are highly personal, and choosing the right one for you involves a bit of trial and error and experimentation. Today, we want to help you streamline the process by sharing a few of our favorite tips for successful CBD shopping. 

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First Things First - Understand Your Options

One of the things that has the potential to complicate CBD shopping is the sheer variety of CBD products available on the market today. Everywhere you look, there are CBD tinctures, drops, oils, edibles, and more. So which one is right for you? If you've never tried any of them, how do you know which one you'll like? While trial and error are essential, it's also helpful to have a bit of background knowledge about each. 


Tinctures are CBD products that consumers can take sublingually. Tinctures come in liquid form and have a high cannabidiol content. While extraction methods vary, tinctures are most commonly created by soaking CBD-rich hemp flowers in alcohol, then reducing the mixture over heat for several hours. While CBD tinctures aren't psychoactive, they can have a mellowing effect. This means they're great for consumers who want to take a few drops of something before bed, for example. 


Gummies are the most common type of CBD edible, although the product does come in various edible forms. CBD gummies blend CBD into a gummy candy and are a tasty, easy-to-take alternative to tinctures and oils. Thanks to their portable nature, they're great for consumers who want to take CBD on the go. If gummies aren't your thing, look for other edible options, like cookies, cakes, and even CBD-infused drinks. 


Topicals are CBD compounds produced by using elements of cannabis and hemp plants. CBD topicals are infused with CBD to create skin-friendly products that deliver properties of CBD directly to localized areas. Popular among athletes, CBD topicals are portable, easy to apply, and longer-acting than other forms of CBD, like gummies and tinctures. That said, their effects are also more localized. For example, if you rub CBD topicals into your knees, you won't feel the effects in the rest of your body.


Capsules and softgels are much like tinctures, in that they make CBD easy to interact with on the go. Unlike tinctures, however, CBD softgels won't spill in your backpack or bag. They're a great alternative to tinctures for people who want a mess-resistant option. 

Which Option is Right for you?

Now that you understand the various types of CBD products, it's time to start thinking about which option might be right for you. The first step is to consider why you want to use CBD and how. 

For example, if you're looking for localized pain relief, a topical might be right for you. If you want to enhance the effects of said topical, you might combine it with a tincture.  If you're going to use CBD to promote a restful night of sleep, tinctures and certain edibles will be your go-to. If you want to interact with CBD throughout your day, look for easy-to-carry edibles, like gummies and candy. Tinctures are also great for this purpose.

What About Dose?

You found your perfect CBD product, now how much do you take? Here's a graphic to help you break down each product category and their various ideal doses: 

CBD Dose

Remember, CBD is highly individual. The right just for one person will not be the right dose for another. With this in mind, don't be afraid to experiment. Start with a low dose and work your way up as you get comfortable with the product and its effects. 

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Eventually, you'll settle on a CBD dose that's right for you, your body, and your purposes. If you have any questions about the potency of our CBD products, don't be afraid to reach out. We're happy to help you understand each product we carry and its likely impact on you as a consumer. Remember, you cannot overdose on CBD. So don't be afraid to employ some trial and error. 

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