7 Tips to Stay Stress-Free at Home

7 Tips to Stay Stress-Free at Home

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These are strange times. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the nation, people everywhere are doing their part to protect vulnerable populations and reduce the risk of exposure. In short, this means we’re staying inside, practicing social distancing, and forgoing many of the things that make our lives look and feel “normal.”

Not surprisingly, this strange environment is making many of us feel stressed, anxious, and out-of-sorts. The quarantine shows no signs of slowing any time soon, though, so what’s the answer? How do we stay sane while also staying safe? 

Here are seven tips to stay stress free at home from our team to yours:

1. Reframe reality

Instead of obsessing over being “stuck inside,” reframe the reality of our social and cultural climate right now into “I have all this free time to focus on my home and myself.” This does two important things. Primarily, it redirects your focus from the negative to the positive. 

It also allows you to approach this time without hamstringing yourself by feeling trapped. While shifting your perspective might seem like a small change, it can work wonders to combat stress. 

2. Make each day special

Sure, it’s easy for life to become one endless Netflix marathon right now, but that’s not good for anybody. Instead, take advantage of this time at home and do something special with it. 

Most of us have something we’ve wanted to do but are always too busy for, like learning a language or taking an online course or reading a new book. Now is the time to grab those “someday” ambitions and make them a reality. 

3. Avoid news binging

Everywhere you look right now is endless Coronavirus coverage. And while staying informed is essential, there’s a difference between that and obsessing. The former is responsible, and the latter will only spike your stress and anxiety. 

With this in mind, cut your media consumption down to once or twice a day. This is enough to stay on top of relevant happenings, without overwhelming yourself.  

4. Tackle those home projects

As it is on the outside, so it is on the inside. Put another way, a stressful home can create a stressful mind - especially when you’re confined to said home 24/7. Keep yourself sane by getting rid of clutter, organizing things that have fallen by the wayside, and fixing small honey-dos around the house. If not now, when?

5. Workout indoors

Many of us rely on physical activity as a way to cut stress and protect our mental health. When all the gyms and studios are closed, though, it can be tough to get your standard sweat on. 

Luckily, there are dozens of smartphone apps and free videos that make it easy to try something new, even if you have limited equipment and limited space. A quick YouTube search will reveal a wealth of options to choose from.

6. Try CBD oil

When it comes to relaxing, combating stress, and minimizing anxiety, many people turn to CBD. CBD edibles are an easy addition to everyday life, while tinctures and isolates are easy to take on their own or add to food or beverages. If you’ve never tried CBD before, start with a small dose and work your way up as you begin to understand how the dosage will affect you. Our assortment of high-quality products is a great place to start. 

7. Give yourself some grace

Most of us have never lived through anything like this, and, understandably, it’s all upsetting and confusing. As long as this period of quarantine and social distancing lasts, we’ll have good days and bad days. Don’t beat yourself up for doing “less” than you should, or for not using this time to write the next great American novel. We all cope in different ways, and most of us are doing the best we can to get through this uncertain time. 

Managing Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a strange time, and it’s essential to take care of your mental health throughout. Luckily, these smart tips can help you cope with stress, use your time well, and maybe even emerge from this pandemic feeling rested and recharged. 

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